Wissensmanagement Umwelt GmbH

Grazing management and pasture maintenance

Farmers and herders from the Canton of Berne, Grison and Wallis share their practical knowledge. They explain how they manage their animals and pastures and how they work with their alp team. Three Alps are shown in the films: A family farm with many ecologically valuable zones, a community alp with a large cheese dairy and a leased alp with five different farm animals.

The main focus lies on the careful management of the pastures with heifers, cows and goats.

How do the farmers and herders keep healthy animals, pastures in a good quality and enhance the diversity of species? How do they maintain their pastures? What proved its worth? What proved to be a failure?

Three entertaining films give an insight in the everyday work of passionate farmers in the Alps. They trigger light bulb moments in experts as well as lay persons and therefore are ideal to prepare for the alp season.

These implementation films were realised within AlpFUTUR.