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Plant Protection Strategy – Improving Together

Farmers are caught in a dilemma: on the one hand, the public demands flawless fruit and vegetables at low prices. On the other hand, plant protection products can pollute the environment.

Various committed and credible farm managers and winegrowers from German-speaking Switzerland and the Valais tell how they reduce the use of chemical pesticides or do without them altogether and how they prevent them from entering watercourses.

The protagonists tell their own success stories and aha experiences. What made them reflect their actions? How did they overcome the many challenges they faced? What are typical stumbling blocks in crop protection? What do they gain from environmentally friendly crop protection? What were the most important success factors for them?

These films are used in farmer networks, working groups and in agricultural schools to trigger aha-experiences in groups, to exchange knowledge about environmentally friendly crop protection and to discuss possible solutions. The films arouse interest, invite people to try them out and convey essential knowledge.