Wissensmanagement Umwelt GmbH


Financing of the films

Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG
Federal Office for the Environment FOEN
Agriculture Division AG
Plant Protection Unit BE
Office for Environmental Protection & Energy BL
Office for the Environment TG
Cantonal Plant Protection Service VD
Swiss Farmers' Union SFU
Swiss Association of Water Protection Experts VSA

Members of the advisory group

Magali Lebrun, Federal Office for the Environment FOEN
Jan Waespe, Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG
Michel Gygax, Plant Protection Agency BE
Nadine Konz, Cantonal Office for Environmental Protection and Energy BL
André Chassot, Cantonal Plant Protection Service FR

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Project management

Patricia Fry has been leading the project series «By Farmers for Farmers» since 2002. From her many years of work in administration, as project manager and as head of knowledge exchange for the National Research Programme «Sustainable Water Management» NRP 61, she is familiar with the challenges of translating scientific findings into practice.

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Filmic realisation

Project management, concept, interviews: Patricia Fry, Knowledge Management Environment
Camera: Valentin Baerlocher
Postproduction: Markus Etter, Soma
Title: Sophia Murer, peakfein
Music: Hipp Mathis, Halbbild Halbton
Subtitles: Corinne Ammann