Wissensmanagement Umwelt GmbH

Members of the advisory group

Magali Lebrun, Federal Office for the Environment FOEN
Jan Waespe, Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG
Michel Gygax, Plant Protection Agency BE
Nadine Konz, Cantonal Office for Environmental Protection and Energy BL
André Chassot, Cantonal Plant Protection Service FR

Heinz Ehmann, Office for the Environment TG
Pierre-Yves Jaquiéry, Cantonal Plant Protection Service VD
Stéphane Emery, Office for Viticulture VS
Sonja Basler, Liebegg Agricultural Centre AG
Sabine Wieland, INFORAMA Oeschberg, Centre for Fruit and Berries BE
Numa Courvoisier and Bruno Arnold, AGRIDEA
Mirco Plath, Platform "Plant Protection Products and Waters" PPG
Judith Wirth, Agroscope
Hansueli Dierauer, FiBL
Hans Ramseier, HAFL
David Brugger and Nicolas Wermeille, Swiss Farmers' Union SBC
Sandro Rechsteiner, IP-SUISSE
Stefan Hasler and Tobias Doppler, Swiss Association of Water Protection Experts VSA
André Olschewski, Swiss Gas and Water Industry Association SVGW (until mid-2020)
Nicolas Eschmann and Romain Fonk, Swiss Union of Contractors
Reto Minder, SWISS NO-TILL